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VAT Returns & Advice in Walsall - We're More Than Able

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As local accountants in Walsall we can provide a full VAT Returns & Reporting service for individuals and their businesses. Whether this is a straight forward submission of your VAT return, or dealing with complicated issues with HM Revenue & Custom and bespoke VAT planning, we can make sure just the right advice and support is provided to you.
We often find that taking a step back and looking at your VAT position pays dividends both now and in the future with reduced tax liabilities and managable liabilities. Therefore even if we simply help you submit returns and issue payments, we’re happy to go the extra mile and advice on what VAT  tweaks are worth looking into. After all, every penny counts, particularly when it comes to the HMRC.

Ways To Provide VAT Support 

Here are some particular VAT services we can provide:

· Help liase with HMRC for any of your VAT issues. We can be your appointed VAT Agent with them and ease the stress of liaising with them, to not only process straight forward payments and forms, but entangle and resolve any queries and even disputes. We can progress with all negotiations and communication with them to secure the most favourable result for you as soon as possible.   

· Deal with VAT Registration. So whether you’re obliged to register, or by choice we advise it, then we’ll bottom this out and easily progress the registration to successful completion. This includes any deregistration and coming out of the world of VAT as well.
· Provide strategic and profitable VAT planning and administration. So we’ll take a step back, look at what essential goals you have, and work out a bespoke strategy for your VAT liabilities, including suitable timing of payments and even refunds. We can then outwork and administer for you, or help yourself and others successfully implement.
· Discovering the right VAT scheme. After looking at your situation, let’s see what unique plan and scheme can be set up, including multiple ones, in order to ensure the best overall tax liability and little disruption with life and your remaining accounts as possible.
· Submitting VAT Returns. The buts and bolts of VAT, mainly online now but we can do paper submissions as well. We can make sure the actual submissions and returns go like clock work to HMRC with no hiccups. Whatever form of data you have from your own bookkeeping records, we can use or adjust to ensure all the correct income and expenditure information is ready to roll.
· Realising the importance of time frames. This includes the basic quarterly cycle for the submissions, dealing with any late returns and submissions, and keeping a close eye of forthcoming deadlines.
· Processing the monies. So whether that’s a payment due to HMRC, or a refund back from them, we can help process actual payments as well as supplementary reports and accounts.
· Trouble shooting and problem solving. Take the stress away of lurking tax problems by us being the first point of contact to resolve any problems with HMRC, suppliers, clients and customers, and any other accounting contacts. Whatever errors, problems, or penalties are lurking around the corner – we’re more than able to resolve
· Clarifying all expenditure items. As these may incur a VAT, charge we’ll make sure all those that can be are included in order to reduce your VAT liability, particularly any mixed use ones.
· Bottoming out the income items. So where you have money coming in with a VAT charge, we’ll get these truly bottomed out, including any different cash accounting system in order to benefit most from any delayed payments coming in
· The final sanity check. It may sound obvious, but we’ll make sure another set of eyes check everything before final submission and reporting in order to raise any issues sooner rather than later.

We’re More Than Able To Process Your VAT Return & Queries

Whatever basis works best for you, we can cover, Whether that’s a one off instance and VAT return, or a monthly retainer to keep ongoing consistency and your official VAT Agent – we can help.
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