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summer money tips able accountantsThe core summer and holiday season begins in July and ends at the end of August;, something that every one tends to look forward to as holidays draw near and hopefully some great weather to match it.

It's actually a time to get away from often the day-to-day routine of accounts and monies, whether your own personal finances or through a business and work interest.

However, just before you turn off your calculator and log out of your online bank accounts, here are a three general pointers to bear in mind, whatever interest and angle you're coming from:

1. Check if Money Will Still Come In

For those with a permanent and ongoing employment, then this is very straight forward of course; your weekly or monthly pay will still keep coming in, even though you may have many weeks on holiday, say, on the other side of the world.

However, those withll less stable income need to carefully plan for this, making sure they're clear on what work will actually be produced, and whether customers and clients will likewise be around to benefit from this.

Even if this is the case, then normally straight-forward tasks like paying invoices can be dragged out at this time of year, so check the reality of payments coming in and not just adding up on paper.

2. Monitor What Your True Expenditure Will Be

On a personal note, you may well be spending more at this time of year with holiday costs and simply spending more time at home in summer evenings and weekends.

Although, saying that, there may be other costs that actually reduce, for example heating and electricity costs when it's good and sunny weather conditions.

And linked to the previous point on income, check if there will be any additional costs as a result of this, for example staff may be on holiday andbut you need to arrange additional cover at an extra cost.

3. Plan For the Unexpected

And finally, just watch out for things being different over the summer, and any unexpected issues. This may be for example weather- related, or more people-related with different child arrangements out of school for example.

But also look at the positive side to things as well, as it's a great time to relax and plan for the next quarter or period from, say, September onwards when people tend to be back into the swing oif things.

Enjoy the Summer By Quickly Counting the Cost

So, as you embark on the summer period, then take into account these three simple angles for your personal or business finances in order to make sure that you control the money and it doesn't control you.

A quick look at what the true income and expenditure will be over this period, and any unexpected charges, can soon pay dividends both straight away and later on in the year.

You can then get on with whatever important summer plans you have arranged, and enjoy them.

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