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questions for an accountant ableYour decision to use accountant in Walsall is the first step to getting the books of account for your business organised.   The selection you made may have been influenced by certain factors relating to your business; value for money, services offered and the accountant’s reputation.
There are more factors to consider before making your final choice.   It is advisable to ask your potential accountant a few questions to ensure that you will get a fair and honest service. 
Here are eight questions that you should ask your potential accountant in Walsall. 

1. Is your company registered with a governing body?

This question will probably be answered when you walk into the office, it is usual for accountants to have certificates on the walls including membership to governing bodies.   However, you should still ask the question.  
If the accountant is a member of a known governing body this will show that, at least they are qualified to do the job you may be hiring them to do. If they are not registered with a governing body, then it may be an idea to think again about your selection.  

2. Does your company have insurance?

Check what type of insurance cover the accountant has. This will ensure that if something goes wrong the accountancy company can reimburse you for any financial loss that occurs due to a problem with their firm.

3. What will your services cost?  

It is a good idea to get this question in at the beginning.  It may save you time and money.  An accountant may charge you a fee after completing any work that is done on your behalf or depending on your requirements; they may charge a monthly fee.  Ask for a hard copy of the costs, this will give you something to compare with other accountants costs.

4. Can you provide me with references for your company?

References play an important part in helping you to decide which accountant in Walsall is the best one to use.   A good accountant will be happy to show off references and defend the company reputation.  It is wise to ask for contact details of any referees if they are not offered to you.

5. Who will be working on my accounts?

The answer to this question will depend on the size of the company.  It is important to have a good working relationship with an accountant.   If the accountant is not a sole trader then ask to meet the person who will be working on your accounts.  

6. What other services do you provide?

This is handy to know.  As your business grows, you may need to consider other services like payroll for example.   Best practice is to keep all of your accounting needs in one place, so you need to make sure that the accountant in Walsall has services suitable for your business now and in the future.

7. How many local Branches do you have?

This may seem like an unusual question, but it is a good idea to find out how many branches there is.   The answer will show how big the company is. Size can mean the difference in the service that an accountancy firm offers.  A smaller company may offer more personal service whilst a big company may offer a less personal service.

8. Accountants Terms and Conditions.

Terms and conditions may vary from company to company and it is wise to ask for details including the small print.  You do not have to sign the terms and conditions until you have had them checked out by your legal representative.  This document can often be confusing and it is always advisable to have them checked out and explained to you in layman’s terms.

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