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able accountants walsall adding image squareAll Accounting, Taxation, & Financial Advice Services

From our network of expert accountants and tax advisors, we can provide a wide range of services to make sure your accounting needs are not only resolved now, but is catered for in the future. Here is just some of our main and popular ones, but please contact us with your unique requirements.

And no matter where you are in the Walsall area, from Aldridge to Yew Tree, or Willenhall and Bloxwich to Wednesbury, we’ve got local accountancy services just for you.

1. Bookkeeping

Many people choose to take care of bookkeeping themselves, since it is simply making a note of your income and expenditure. However, if it’s your first time doing it and you would like a little instruction, or you’d prefer a professional to do it for you, we can provide the right bookkeeper service for you.

Local fact: Basic book keeping is a must for all kinds of small businesses, charities, and other community interests, with a post here on how this can practically look. You can check out local charities in Walsall here, right from Age UK on Bridge Street to the Walsall Society for the Blind at Hawley House on Hatherton Road.

2. Preparing Statutory & Management Accounts

Providing an official set of statutory end-of-year company accounts for say tax purposes, for your own records, or authorities like Companies House and HMRC, is something many businesses and sole traders go to an accountant for. 

Alternatively, our Management Accounts service will help present just the right information for all the relevant people.

Local fact: It’s one thing getting a set of accounts, it’s another then understanding them. Courses like BTEC Diploma in Business & Finance at Walsall College are important for people to begin understanding how these relate to and help real business life. 

3. Submission & Filing of Accounts

Once your accounts have been prepared, they’ll more than likely need sending over to HMRC or the Companies House. If you’d prefer to have everything taken care of in the same place, we can do this directly after preparation on your behalf.

Local fact: Remember that all companies need to submit accounts to Companies House, even Walsall Football Club as the Saddlers at Bescot Stadium which is through c company called Walsall Football Club Ltd, and according to the 2017 accounts available here they made just over £215,000 profit during the last year.

4. Tax Returns & VAT Returns

We can prepare your annual tax return and process payments, credits and charges; or simply give you a hand if you’d prefer to take care of it yourself. If you’re VAT registered then your quarterly VAT returns of income and output can be taken care of as well; we’ll likewise process any payments and credits, and deal with any queries that arise as a result of your return.

Local fact: Nearly 20 years the average Council Tax in Walsall will have nearly doubled to £1,129 for 2018-19 tax year compared to £615 at the turn of the century. However things could be worse, with Solihull coming out worse at 77% increase compared to Birmingham and Sandwell coming in very low (source: Birmingham Mail).

5. Payroll

If you have many employees and not enough time to process everything yourself, then an accountant can take care of processing employees’ salaries, and other expenses incurred as a result of your staff, employees and business.

Local fact: When you look at ‘other qualifications’ other than NVQ for people within Walsall, then at 9.1% they’re above the level for both the wider West Midlands at 9% and 6.9% for the Great Britain as a whole. (Source: Nomis).

6. Overseas Interests

If you have overseas as well as domestic interests and would like everything accounted for professionally and in one place, we can handle this for you.

Local fact: The European twin town for Walsall is Mulhouse in Alsace, France, stretching back to the sixties and seventies.

7. Financial Advice

We all want to grow our businesses and experience success, but sometimes a bit of advice is necessary along the way. For financial advice, help managing your business expenditure and some tips for getting the growth you’re looking for in your business, Able Accountants can help.

Of course, you may not need all of these services right away, or even at all, but it’s nice to know there’s an Able Accountant on hand whenever you should need one. If you need something done that isn’t listed above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Local fact: The Walsall economy has an annual output of £4.77 billion, with the local council’s Economic Growth Programme investing just under £15m into the local economy over 5 years amidst general budget cuts. (Source: Walsall Inteligence by Walsall Council).